Traumatic Brain Injury Log Book

 TBI Survivor / Caregiver  Six Month Log Book.

This logbook is an invaluable tool for TBI survivors and/or caregivers of brain injury victims, who need to keep track of important factors that can affect recovery and quality of life. With spaces designed to record your symptoms, medication adjustments, environmental factors and reactions (for example, what was happening before an episode of aggression or anxiety?); it even has space for you to note your frustrations or effective coping mechanisms. And if you have been experiencing depression, this logbook will be just as beneficial because it will allow you to track your moods, triggers and coping mechanisms over time. Find out what affects your well being the most so you can manage it better, or eliminate it all together.

TBI Survivor Logbook
The TBI Log book can be used for all acquired brain injuries from mild to moderate brain injuries: stroke, dementia, brain surgery recovery, etc.
Severe TBI Survivor Logbook
The Severe TBI Log book has additional categories, such as hallucinations, paranoia and aggression.